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The Wired Problem

The first affordable fiber alternative.

"Demand for new Internet connectivity globally, and upgrading existing low-speed broadband connections with a gigabit fiber-like experience, is at an all time high.

Unfortunately the costs to replace age-old copper and coax connections with fiber are far out of reach for most communities. Additionally, young developing areas getting connectivity for the first time encounter incredible challenges wiring up unconnected older homes and buildings."

Wireless is the Answer

Fiber speed, fraction of the cost.



Client Capacity*


of spectrum use

Network deployment (not per radio) vs. capacity of previous generations of technology

Massive MIMO

Multiple Input, Multiple Output, or MIMO, technology has fueled the huge growth in Mobile and Wi-Fi capacity, continually improving spectrum efficiency with the addition of more and more MIMO streams and smart antenna array technologies.

Ultimately, research has proven there is almost no limit to the bandwidth capacity available in the spectrum if we continue to innovate high scalability grade Massive MIMO silicon technology in wireless solutions.

Mimosa is leading this innovation introducing more MIMO streams than ever before for Wi-Fi and fixed wireless applications, based on disruptive low-cost chip technology. This investment is opening up opportunities for even the highest density global applications to enjoy fiber-like experiences at a fraction of the cost using Mimosa wireless products.

Welcome to the Wireless Technology Renaissance


As Massive MIMO increases capacity, antenna beamforming is a crucial technology enabling the spectrum used by an access point to be reused by multiple clients simultaneously. Beamforming uses precise geopositioning information from each wireless client to focus wireless antenna transmit signals towards each unique client, achieving improved focused wireless signals, and significantly reducing interference in the spectrum.

Multi-User MIMO

Because beamforming isolates client signals, it creates spatial opportunities in the spectrum for additional MIMO streams to be used simultaneously. This is called Multi-User (or MU-) MIMO. When downstream traffic arrives for multiple clients, the access point identifies geolocation-based beamforming opportunities to service those clients simultaneously, radically improving the capacity of the radios.

In outdoor wireless, as MIMO technology grows from 1.5 up to 10 Gbps of capacity at the access point, MU-MIMO enables these powerful hubs to share that bandwidth with wireless clients to achieve incredible spectral efficiency.

Synchronized Spectrum Reuse

For fixed wireless applications, it is possible to scale spectrum reuse beyond a single access point, and stretch the benefits across an entire network. This enables broadband deployments requiring a fraction of the spectrum previously required, opening up service possibilities in even the highest population density deployments. By synchronizing and coordinating all the clients in the network to communicate in unison, the "self interference" caused by uncoordinated wireless access points can be eliminated. Leveraging high precision GPS* for synchronization in each access point, Mimosa maximizes spectrum capacity, and improves operation in heavier noise environments.


Complete Cloud Control

Operating a wireless network goes far beyond great wireless, it involves proactively handling the wide range of problems encountered in outdoor networking and wireless interference. Mimosa's advanced cloud technology constantly keeps tabs on each device as well as network-wide spectrum resources.