When Is Mimosa's B11 Backhaul Radio the Right Tool for Your Wireless Network?

Get a Deep Dive on Mimosa’s B11 and Use Cases for Licensed and Unlicensed Solutions

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Our B11 speeds will blow you away. With up to 1.5 Gbps UL/DL IP aggregate throughput and delivering nearly a gigabit of low latency IP traffic in the direction needed, high performance in licensed spectrum has never been this affordable.

Whether you want licensed or unlicensed spectrum, Mimosa’s backhaul products provide industry leading price performance with exceptional quality and reliability. Portfolio positioning, key features and competitive positioning will help you understand the options for both licensed and unlicensed backhaul, with a special focus on the Mimosa B11. Case studies provide real world accounts of Mimosa products in action.

David Stiff, our Vice President, Product Management hosted the webinar, When Is Mimosa's B11 Backhaul Radio the Right Tool for Your Wireless Network?